Hello again

Hey Everyone!

Sorry we have been MIA (when it comes to the website)! We are back now:)

So… we have been very busy. First, Maren Hatch is the newest addition to the Squashies.  She is a great bass player that adds a touch of jazz, touch of swing and a wheel barrel full of THUMP!! Not to mention she is much easier to look at than what you may be use to:)

Also Kyle has been very busy gettin busy.

He just had a little girl named Maya Lucille Malone. She is healthy and loves music! Stop by a show and you might just see her there.

Now we have been practicing up for the band competition at Rocky Grass. On top of that we are preparing songs for a new CD that we are planning on releasing in late December.
We will keep you updated from here,


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Howdy folks!

We have recently lost our bass player (Peter Lisignoli) to higher education. We are very proud to say Peter has been accepted to the masters program at Duke University! We have been friends with Pete since we were children and will miss his wit, comradeship, hairiness and that loud thump he is known for!

With that said we welcome Maren Hatch to this group of smelly boys! She (yes I said SHE) is a UNM graduate in Jazz Studies and sure does know how to play! Come out to the next show and see for yourself… you won’t be disappointed.



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Tonight at Nob Hill Bar and Grill

We’ve got a last minute gig at Nob Hill Bar n’ Grill tonight, July 21st at 8pm. Come get your groove and/or hoedown on!

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Peter’s Last Show!

On August 2nd, come see Peter the Squash away at Il Vicino Brewery. Peter will be pissed if you don’t come, so saddle up!

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Pickin’ in the Vines Update

Come to the first annual Pickin’ in the Vines at Casa Rodeña this weekend, July 9th and 10th. Due to a schedule change the Squashies will be playing Sunday instead of Saturday at Casa Rodeña’s “Pickin’ in the Vines.” Hope to see you there! Also, check out the Squashies’ bass player, Peter, thump the Bull Fiddle with the Duke City Swampcoolers.

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Tour de Fourth

The boys are beginning a torrent of bluegrass performances right in their hometown of Albuquerque NM. Thursday night at the Kimo Theatre, then Friday night at the Cowgirl Cafe in Santa Fe (Lets see how rowdy you Santa Feans can get), followed by Kip’s Bar and Grill in Pagosa Springs Saturday. That’s not all folks, because we’re playing in the Conejos River Valley for Sunday and Monday for the Fourth of July celebration of the new decade, century, and millennium. Come join the Squash Blossom Boys at the Rocky Mountain Lodge for some freedom lovin’ Fourth of July fun.

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Road To Rich’s!!! This weekend!

Getting stoked to come out and play for R2R! Going to have SBB shirts ready for tie dyeing. Also picking up a few Marble kegs before we head up. I feel like this is going to be a killer weekend!

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